Increase device Battery Level for iPhone

Battery Double is a application that works to improve battery on iPhone, up to half times the standard capacity. This software works by calibrate and perform of the battery, so the capacity, and battery capacity can be maximized. For iPhone users who often use to watch videos, play games and surf the internet, there is no harm in using software to enhance and maintain the battery endurance.
  • The total battery life is now split into two battery docklet views, each showing 50% of the total battery capacity.
  • When the docklet on the left is half emtpy, it indicates that your device still has 75% of battery life in total.
  • When the docklet on the right is half empty, it indicates that your device has only 25% of battery life left in total.
  • This app gives you a double perspective of your iOS device's battery life
  • This makes the user more alert about the battery life of their device.
download: Battery Double v1.0 iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad via iTunes store or for Jailbreak device.

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