Secure iPhone VPN service

If you are the iPhone and iPod Touch users, and a worker who is very mobile, there is good news for you. Because the iPhone and iPod Touch can now access the service using company data remotely, using a VPN network to maintain the security of the resources you take away from the office server. This service is provided Juniper through the application Juniper Junos Pulse.
In addition to secure connections, Junos Pulse also offers energy-efficient connectivity. How come? Yes, because the Junos will automatically disconnect from the VPN when the iPhone was not used, both when using Wi-Fi or 3G. The connection will be directly linked back active again when the user start using the service.

Juniper in a release claiming that they are a vendor that is able to secure the network traffic most smartphones in the United States. They were able to provide full support for Apple's VPN. Interested? You can download the application Junos Pulse which is running on iOS4.1 in the App Store here.

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