Game Puppet Labyrinth 3D 1.4 for iPhone

Labyrinth game is a simple game that aims to determine the proper path to achieve those objectives. During the process of determining the route, if the deadlock will be made to re-BackTrack process of finding the right track to achieve the goal.
This game can help hone the ability of human thought and practice patience in completing the game. Puppet Labyrinth 3D is fun for everyone, using the accelerometer and touch screen to jump, you can control puppet and make sure collects all the stars to open the gate and complete the level in record time. Along the way you can collect puppet points which are used to customize your puppet with new costumes, and even change the kind of ball.

Download Game Puppet Labyrinth 3D 1.4 for iPhone | for Jailbreak iPhone and iPod touch here

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