Balance Chemical Equations Android App

Computational search engine Wolfram Alpha’s voice keyboard search app arrives Android Market. The app is concurrently launching today with the new T-Mobile G2 Android phone. The app would cost you $1.99, similar to the iPhone app.
The app provides you with the massive knowledge of over ten million data elements, and its library of over tens thousands of sophisticated computational models at a blazing fast 4G speeds. So just download the app from Android Market, and experience hands-free knowledge on the go right on to your palm.

The app makes mathematical expressions look and feel natural, and the keyboard comes in handy for everything from solving quadratic equations while on the go to balancing chemical equations in your labs. Not only this, it also helps you to manage your daily nutrition intake chart, helps you in location search and much more. So just utilize your Android’s native voice-input capability and speak your queries to Wolfram Alpha and get your answers right away.

Use the following QR code to download the Android app to your handset.

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