Android Launcher Pro beta

Android launcher is straight up boring. You can’t configure it, and on most phones, you can’t have more than 3 home screens. Luckily, LauncherPro has arrived, and although it’s very similar, it’s got some strengths of its own. The first thing I noticed was the speed this thing is blazing fast. Everything from sliding through the screens to pulling up the app drawer is much faster than stock. Let’s check it out after the break.
For all you dock bar fanatics, it’s there, complete with phone, contact, e-mail, and web shortcuts. Unfortunately, you can’t customize it with your own apps, but it will open whatever software you have set as default. Before you grunt and immediately dismiss this as a contender for your phone, realize that it’s still in beta, and you can bet that more customizations are on the way.

Download Launcher Pro beta using Android Market link

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