MobileThemes OpLogo Changer S60v3 and S60v5

Adding op-logos to Symbian S60v3 and Symbian S60v5 without complicated procedures using hacks and file managers, Using any image in the gallery, Hiding the oplogo so it is transparent Removing the oplogo, reverting back to the textual operator name So far, preliminary testing has revealed that colored op-logo cant feature transparency, which is a bit disappointing. so Im looking at alternative ways to fix this (maybe automatically use the background of the current theme, placing the oplogo on top although this would mean you would have to re-activate the oplogo every time you change the theme an alternative approach would be to keep a program running in the background to artificially add an oplogo with transparency).
The size of the oplogo varies between different resolutions. These might not be 100% correct (and hopefully alpha testing will reveal the exact dimensions), but from what I can tell.
These are the oplogo sizes:
  • For 240 x 320 resolutions (e.g. N95): 134 x 35 pixels
  • For 176 x 208 resolutions (e.g. N91): 97 x 25 pixels
  • For 352 x 416 resolutions (e.g. N80): 194 x 50 pixels

Please note that these are for portrait resolutions only. Im not sure about the oplogo sizes for landscape resolutions (or for resolutions not mentioned here). Feel free to experiment and let me know!

Download MobileThemes OpLogo Changer S60v3 and S60v5

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