Games Developer from Bandung, at 12 Years Old

Creating apps or games as developer can seem like a hardest challenge. However, Fahma Waluya Rosmansyah spends his free time creating games that help Indonesian children learn the English language or even basic maths skills. But we forgot to mention that Fahma is only 12 years old. Now that’s amazing.
And it was when Fahma reached fifth grade that he began to learn how to develop with Adobe Flash. That same year he created his first application called BAHANA which allows young children to learn the alphabet, numbers and colours. In his sixth grade, he developed over 5 more applications, one of which is downloadable from the Ovi Store. ENRICH enables children to translate Indonesian words into English using colourful images and clearly pronounced words.

Here are some screen shots of the ENRICH app.

ENRICH is free games, you can download from the Ovi Store.

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