Nokia E72 Improvements in Data Transfer and Camera

As a replacement phone from the Nokia E71, Nokia E72 brings a number of advantages that are not priced too high. CPU as part of the brain from the phone's performance significantly increased. Not to mention the camera and connectivity that can perform better than its predecessor. As a business phone, E72 also has to have it all, at least the mandatory features in the existing office devices, including push-mail capabilities and VoIP calling via WiFi.

Nokia E72 look like the E71, its shape remains a wide flat bars. Its size was not much different, just look a little wider in some parts. But basically a lot of important differences from E72, when compared to its predecessor are common in this interface side. First, if on the E71 we use the usual direction (d-pad), then the E72 uses a combination of the standard d-pad with an optical trackpad which is located in the middle of the d-pad (also functions as the OK button), reminds us of the optical trackpad owned Samsung and BlackBerry.

Some features of office, still presented. Among them is the Nokia Messaging, push mail service has been made by Nokia you can apply on this phone without any problems. You can register up to 10 e-mail client to the server Nokia. In addition, you can find the features editor and viewer Office distinctive Nokia S60 3rd edition, which is QuickOffice. You can manage your document files, without needing a computer or notebook again, can directly from the phone with qwerty keyboard is available. For those of you who have to make a presentation, this phone was still provide WiPresenter, the kind of presentation tool that can connect wirelessly to a PC or notebook.

But equally important is the presence of Home Media in E72. This feature allows us to share music files and other media files with a universal device plug n play (UPnP) compatible with WiFi networks. Nokia put a lot of hope on the E72. Similarly, you are going to change your E71 with this phone, because the E72 has increased the ability prosessor almost twice better than E71. Nokia E72 using the ARM 11 CPU, 600 MHz power. With 128 mb SDRAM, the E72's performance certainly could be better than E71. Multitasking process which would have increased performance, as well as the speed of data transfer via Bluetooth and cable.

In the meantime, E72 carry the battery with 1500 mAh capacity with BP-4L code. Strong enough, but continued to work very hard with the presence of energy-intensive features. Normal use will bring this phone lasted 3 days. But will decrease as the use of HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, Music etc

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