Update Opera Mobile 10.1 beta for Symbian S60

Opera released Opera Mobile 10.1 beta for Symbian S60 3rd devices. New beta version of the well-known Internet browser, is now available for smartphones running Symbian 9.x. Opera Mobile includes the most advanced technologies and capabilities that are comparable with similar functions in Opera for PC.
New user-friendly and intuitive interface, fast download, zoom and pan pages, built-in password manager, and convenient system of tabs and support for touch screens - this is only part of the features that make Opera Mobile one of the most comfortable browser for your smartphone.

  • Geolocation. Web sites can now query the location of your device. End user controls access on a site by site basis.
  • JavaScript engine (w/o JIT)
  • Vega graphics library
  • Update of Opera Core and numerous bug fixes

Download Opera Mobile 10.1 beta for Symbian S60:
Opera Mobile v10.1 beta1
Opera Mobile v10.1 beta1 International Version
Opera Mobile v10.1 beta1 with Asian language support

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