Lock any Files in Your Smartphone

Like Windows, Linux and other desktop operating systems, smartphone are also vulnerable to privacy issues. That is the files and folders in smartphone are public unless locked, and easily accessible to anyone who handle the device. There will be private images, movies, notes, emails, documents and galleries that mobile users needs to hide from others.

Best Crypto, iLock and Folder Lock are file locking applications that are designed to work with Nokia, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. Best Crypto is a shareware application But its available for a limited time trial. iLock and Folder Lock are based on smartphone and they are completely free.
Best Crypto file locking application for Nokia
Best Crypto works with Symbian, Java and Windows mobile phones. This application has a clearly designed interface for direct access of options. Open application from your mobile and select add files to the list. Browse though the inbuilt file browser to select the the email, image or document that is to be locked. Download
Folder Lock for iPhone Device:
Folder Lock for iPhone is the iPhone version of the popular Folder Lock application by NewSoftwares.net, offering full password protection of all your private files. Now you can keep all your private stuff password protected in your iPhone! Download
iLock for Android Device :
iLock is the best file locker app available for android. Now hide your private images and videos from your family and friends. Some phones require reboot to hide the file from gallery after locking. Warning: Locking unknown system files can cause injury to your phone. Download
App Lock for Blackberry Device :
Bestselling lock app! Password protect specific applications and files on your BlackBerry without locking the entire device! Prevent unauthorized reading of private Emails and viewing of files, pictures and videos. Download

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