Winamp Music Player for Android

There was a time when Winamp used to be the default Music player for many but gone are those days now. Well, as far as I am concerned, I was also a very avid user of Winamp Music player until Linux became my de facto OS of daily use.

Before the rise of technology recent years, Winamp is the king for MP3 media player in Windows. But the year, recent years become the most difficult year for winamp, as have many of the same applications with the now more popular. But I am quite happy to hear “the king” of this media player to innovate by launching the application that runs on the Android platform.
One good thing that we like about this release is it’s ability to seamlessly sync music with your Winamp desktop library. So if you listen to a good song on your Desktop, no need to manually transfer it to your phone from now on!
For those who can’t wait any further, just point your Android phones to the QR code and get Winamp on your phones right away!
Features of Winamp music player for the Android Platform:
  • Android media management solution that syncs seamlessly with your Winamp desktop library (USB or Wi-Fi). However Winamp 5.59 beta is required on the desktop for the sync to function properly.
  • Support for a play queue and quick saving as a playlist, and other features such as quick pause, change tracks and now playing track listing on the home screen of your Android phone.
  • Has support for native Android widgets, Album art and info from and has scrobbling support too for the fans.
You can Download and install the app on your Android phone either by pointing your phone to the QR code  above or from this link:

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