UM Diary 3 Pro for Android

Beautiful days, precious memories, all keep now! Ultra Mate is a diary/journal application to record your life easily with Text, Audio, Video and Image, and PDF exporting is supported (needs extra add-on). will offer an online server to store your entries. So you will be able to create, view, manage your entries in browser. You can choose not to use sync function. Ultra Mate will not show any of your data to public in any condition. The password to the sync account does nothing with the one to your mail account.
  1. Extendible entry backgrounds and fonts 
  2. Export entries as they are in application in PDF (needs extra add-on) 
FAQ: 1. What's the difference between basic and pro version? Pro version covers all the features basic version has, and provide more: a). No limit for entry templates(Basic version allows 2 only) b). Will insert address(weather coming) automatically when create an entry c). No limit for entry styles(Basic version allows 4 styles in every category) d). No limit for media(Basic version allows 2 media) e). Advanced searching in List view f). Multiple choice in List View. You can choose entries to export into PDF here. Please support us by purchasing the key if you like Ultra Mate. We need your help to improve it. Thanks!
Download UM Diary 3 Pro for Android Apk | mirror

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