Verizon iPhone 4s Not Jailbreak Friendly

iPhone 4 for Verizon has now crossed the boundary of speculations and what remains are just the official announcements from Apple and Verizon. However, iPhone 4 is not for cydia lovers who enjoy the freedom on a jailbroken iPhone as the CDMA version is going to be much more difficult to jailbreak.
Unlike GSM iPhone on the verizon iPhone will have more things hardwired and hence the chance to jailbreak using software will prove a lot more difficult if not impossible. Recently, Chronic Dev Team, which is developing GreenPois0n, has tweeted that the things will be different on the CDMA version indicating the difficulty in finding exploits to crash the firmware
iPhone 4 users on iOS 4.1 are already facing the problem of unlockable baseband 05.14.02. So, an iPhone without jailbreak is just like sitting in the economy class with a ticket for business class.

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