Verizon iPhone 4s and Verizon iPad2, Whats New?

Verizon earlier made the announcement of iPhone 4 on their network which will be available in the next month and now another announcement comes from the carrier gain which will feature a Verizon-friendly version of the iPad, there is any difference between the iPhone 4 makers, Verizon and ATT.
Now internally these two models are somewhat similar, as a matter of fact the new earlier ATT models used GSM technology and the new Verizon model will base upon iPhone CDMA processors. In other words now it is impossible to use an ATT version in Verizon network. One draw back in iPhone CDMA is that the user cannot simultaneously use the phone and the data connection.
According to the executive it was sure that the new device Verizon iPhone 4 will be on this network but the exact date wasn’t revealed and also nothing was said even on the compatibility issues with CDMA or LTE.
In present market the Verizon iPad is available for price of $629.99 bundled with a Wi-Fi support and data plans.
Though much of the concentration is now turning for the next version iPad 2 which could be having slimmer nature, dual cameras and a high resolution display.

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