Utilizing New Menu on Symbian ESeries

Nokia ESeries (Symbian 3rd Edition phone) is smart phone gets business orientation. In it available applications as Adobe Reader, Quick Office, Conference Call, and a lot of another supporting facility. Of that facility medley, severally among those new is known at ESeries. So maybe just available within you what do haven't known how to utilize it. Following is umpteen facility be of important that and how to utilizes it.
Phone Lock is Remote:
This facility enables you to keylock phone of distance goes away. Stand in good stead to protect aught data while phone drops behind or get lost. Pass does this locking SMS'S order that you can ship from phone any other.
Setting Phone Lock's trick Remote :
  • go to menu ‘security’, this menu lie at ‘ tools / setting. Hereafter chooses ‘Phone and SIM’
  • Change key code default 12345 by key a new one. Otherwise been changed, much regular can be opened by others.
  • After been changed, activate menu ‘Allow remote lock’, change of ‘ No. as ‘ Yes’.
  • Your following is requested insert key code. Insert that code according to code which previously you change.
  • To try it you can send order.

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