Using iPhone Apps on Symbian Phone

Anyway, LifeHacker has just published their Top 10 iPhone Applications. Since iPhone applications are basically based on Web 2.0 technologies, such as XHTML and AJAX, in theory, we should be able to launch them on S60 phone. In fact, the engine of iPhone's browser, Safari, is the same as S60's browser. Both of them are based on an open source project, WebKit.

Tried to run some of iPhone applications on S60 phone. It's not surprise to see some of them running without any problems. The user's experience is not so nice because the page is optimized for different screen resolution.
To run iPhone applications, run S60's browser and type in the URL of the applications. Note that you cannot use Services applications because it is a WAP browser. Here are some examples that work on Symbian phone:
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