XpressEXIF - Photo Editor with Kinetic Scrolling

Want to prove to someone that picture girl, whom he, in his words made an hour ago, actually downloaded from the Internet or look under what conditions was made by one or another snapshot.
JPG files are known to sometimes contain many interesting details about the shooting, such as camera model, the exact date and time the file was created, various shooting parameters.
The program allows you to view data such as:
  • Camera model
  • The original date and time the picture was
  • ISO Sensitivity
  • ExposureTime
  • Focal length
  • The magnitude of the diaphragm
  • Using the flash
  • Mode, in which the photograph was taken
To make pictures and thumbs were seen in the program requires that the photo at least once it was opened in a standard gallery. To use the program you need python installed. Python and XpressEXIF must be on the same disc (C or E). Download XpressEXIF - Photo Editor with Kinetic Scrolling

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