PSX4Droid Android PlayStation Emulator

PSX4Droid comes with few noisy and graphical errors, but after seeing a series of video demonstrations of the program, we must admit that it seems to offer a liquid gaming experience. There was a bit of a fuss recently when popular Android PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid was removed from the Android Market, presumably to appease Sony Ericsson what with the arrival of its Xperia PLAY PlayStation-based gaming phone.
Fortunately for PlayStation fans, the creator of the emulator has retaliated by releasing the PSX4Droid code for free. Better still, the new free version is a bug-fixing release. So it ought to be a little better than the one removed from the Market. You'll need to sort your own game ROMs to make it work though.
You can download the Android APK direct from the man's blog.

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