SoundTracking app to make soundtrack for iPhone

Having integration with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, this app lets you share the details of the song that you are listening, including comments and photos. The other people who are using this app will be able to listen a 30 seconds sample courtesy of iTunes.
SoundTracking is an easy, fun and expressive way to share the soundtrack to your life. Whether you’re out with friends at a restaurant, walking outdoors with your headphones on, or just hanging out with the radio on, the SoundTracking app allows you to share your special music moments as they happen. With a few taps of your phone, share a playable song snippet, photo and location all in one SoundTrack.
Features SoundTracking :
  • Capture and share the music moments in your daily life with your friends and followers.
  • Find and follow your friends who are using the app
  • Identify and easily find the music you are hearing using our search and auto-ID features.
  • Add your own photo or an artist/album image.
  • Tag your soundtrack at a location (city or specific venue)
  • Share your posts to friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.
  • Check in to Foursquare when you post a soundtrack with a location.
  • Listen to a song snippet and view a photo from friends’ soundtracks.
  • Let your friends know how you feel about their music moments by liking, loving and commenting on their posts.
  • See what your friends and followers think of your music moments.
  • See what songs and locations are trending and becoming popular.
Compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 4.0 or higher. Requires a built-in or external microphone for one of the auto-ID features.
Download SoundTracking app to make soundtrack for iPhone

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