SPB Mobile Shell v3.5.433 for Symbian

SPB Software launched Spb Mobile Shell v3.5 for Symbian, especially smartphone S60 5th edition. A customisation and personalisation app for touchscreen user interfaces, SPB Mobile Shell for 5th edition devices lets symbian users make the most of their mobile phones such as replacement front-end are multiple customizable homescreens, widgets for tasks, agenda, weather (etc), photo contacts, app launcher, full kinetic scrolling, adaptive skins and support for OpenGL and a 3D carousel.
SPB Mobile Shell test on Nokia N97 To really get a good idea of the potential performance issues, given the N97’s choice of processor, RAM, and internal storage. If it runs decently on the N97, it’ll run decently on near any others Symbian powered smartphone. The installation file is 6.5MB, and when installed, RAM usage seems to be around 10-12MB, which isn’t much more than the regular built-in widgetized homescreen on the Nokia N97. After several days, reported there wasn’t any noticeable battery drain from using SPB Mobile Shell v3.5.
Here is a full list of the widgets available:
  • Shortcut
  • Photo Contact
  • Wireless Switches
  • Battery
  • Phone profile
  • Analog clock
  • Digital clock
  • Tasks
  • Picture frame
  • Birthdays
  • Bluetooth/WiFi/Flight mode
  • Emails/SMS & MMS/Missed call
  • Backlight
  • Alarms
  • Agenda/Calendar
Toolbar Feature in SPB Mobile Shell
Toolbar Feature in SPB Mobile Shell
There are four buttons along the bottom edge of the screen (when in landscape mode, these automatically rotate to the far right side, just like the default Symbian system does). First, the tabs button launches the awesome tabs viewer, which gives you quick access to a variety of easy tabs on your phone. You can view these in the live 3D carousel view, which will really floor you when you see it running on your Nokia N97.
Phone Features in SPB Mobile Shell
Phone Features  in SPB Mobile Shell
One of the most basic features of a smartphone is to well make calls. This is easily done through the Add Widget feature, though if you’re going to call one of your contacts, there’s a much easier way to do that. Of course you can set shortcuts to your favorite contacts on your homescreens, but SPB Mobile Shell v3.5 offers much more than that. From the homescreen view, you can click the Contacts button on the bottom to switch to the Contacts view. From here, you can see your call logs, with thumbnail images and easy-to-read icons showing whether the call was incoming, outgoing, or missed, along with the time and date.

Download SPB Mobile Shell v3.5.433 for Symbian S60v5
SPB Mobile Shell v3.5.433 Signed Version
SPB Mobile Shell v3.5.433 Unsigned Version

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