Dawn of The Fly 2 Mobile Games for S60v5

World in danger. The evil flies had taken control of human. The responsibility given to you to destroy these flies. Prepare a quick touch of the fingers, to beat them via a Nokia mobile phone screen. The above illustration may be used to describe this game. Game titled Dawn of The Fly 2’s on the rise in Nokia’s Ovi Store some time now, so the free game is worth a try.
If you have previously never heard of named Breakdesign gaming application developers, we would immediately understand that this is a unique game. Yes, breakdesign is a good developer makes games ‘butcher’ disgusting animals with a finger
At the beginning of this game the player will meet with a robot named Splot. Well, robots are going to contribute to slaughter the flies that come to him. The concept is simple. Spot stood in the middle of the screen, surrounded by a layer of gray circles.
If a fly, enter one of these gray areas they can be killed by hitting the area with a finger. In the gray block farthest you can shoot a fly with a missile. If the fly has reached the nearest circumference Splot will eat flies, or even beat him (depending on how good you control it).
The longer, the flies that come will be more and more. If you have this, you can issue a secret weapon Splot namely ‘Fart Gas’, by pressing the center of this strange robot. As the gas out, fly to the nearest distance will be drunk.
At the end of the game players will get a score, depending on the number of flies that had slaughtered. This game is very fun to play. It takes a little practice to get a perfect score.

Download Dawn of The Fly 2 : Save the World from the epidemic Flies

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