Train Defender Mobile Games for Symbian S60v5

Train Defender is one of action game can be played by Symbian mobile phone users. In this game will play as a hero who fought against the robbers on the train. Actions that want to try to be submitted, Playbuff, as the makers of this game very clearly. Beginning of the game players directly confronted by armed robbers who fire on a passing train.
In addition to the virtual controller must be deft touch, the robbers also amount to very much. Talk about a virtual controller, it has been equipped Defender Train Control system that can be used for shooting, jumping, running and hit the deck.

Well, the function to jump and hit the deck this is often used to avoid the bullets of the robbers. Although looks simple, but this game quite nicely packaged. In addition to game systems that are simple, visual display did not disappoint. Background in this game uses 2-dimensional image display quite sharp, well spiced lush grass.

But unfortunately, unlike the control system that has been offered. Players encounter a little difficulty when the robbers came in unison. Train Defender Application for Nokia S60v5 edition with Symbian OS v9.4

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