Nokia C7 More Interesting than N8

Nokia started to market the handset C7, their second smartphone using the Symbian operating system 3 in the UK market. Released at 335 euros price range, this phone is slightly cheaper than the Nokia N8. Although cheaper, the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 seen beating in some aspects. For example, C7 is thinner and lighter. The screen uses Amoled type, while N8 just use regular touch screen, although both have been using a 3.5-inch screen has a resolution of 640x360 pixels.
N8 comes with a storage capacity of 16GB which is more relieved than the C7 is only 8GB. From the camera performance, N8 has 12 megapixels, while the C7 'only' 8 megapixels. However, from the design, C7 little more interesting than the N8.

Nokia takes a long time to develop phones based on Symbian 3 them. However, C7 successfully marketed much faster than the initial deadline Nokia (ie at the end of the year) when they announced the first time on the C7, last September. The success of Nokia fix many bugs on Symbian^3 will assist them in marketing their mobile phones.

The strategy of the company is now launching models of mobile phones much less when compared to earlier will also be easier for them to produce products more quickly. For information, Nokia still have two phones based on Symbian 3 others that would be presented before the end of the year. Nokia E7 Both are aimed at the enterprise segment, and C6-01 which will be smartphones cheapest among the four brothers.

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