Quicker SMS for BlackBerry

Quicker SMS is an app for blackberry phones that allows you to send SMS on your computer. You can type SMS on your keyboard quicker than do it on your blackberry device. Especially, it is very useful when you want to send group SMS to your friends. It is an effective tool to improve your efficiency and save your time.
Quicker SMS can receive new SMS from your BlackBerry phone whenever the phone is connected with it. You can save SMS from your friends on the disk permanently and forward to others easily. It supports importing all contacts in your BlackBerry phone. So you can select contacts quickly when you want to send SMS.
Features Quicker SMS for BlackBerry:
  • Send SMS to many friends from your address book by one click.
  • Send timed SMS to friends in the future.
  • Show new SMS notification dialog on PC desktop from your BlackBerry phone when it connects with Quicker SMS.
  • Show new SMS notification dialog on BlackBerry’s main screen (This feature can be used without PC client program. It’s like MsgShow or PeekaWho. When new SMS is coming, phone number, name (if phone number is in your contacts) and full SMS content will be showed in notification dialog.).
  • Forward received SMS quickly.
  • Import all contacts information from your BlackBerry’s address book.
  • Support ASCII and UCS-2 SMS.
  • Divide long SMS into standard length and send them one by one.
Download Quicker SMS for BlackBerry Source : http://www.joege.com/

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