QuickGPS Apps for Windows Phone 7

QuickGPS can speed up the time for determining your GPS position by downloading the latest satellite data via an Internet connection. Originally created by HTC, this program has been patched to work with the Omnia so it doesn’t require any HTC .dll files. Set up an automated download schedule so your satellite information is always up to date as it expires every six days.
This is the closest thing to A-GPS that us VZW Omnia owners may see until an official update for standalone GPS is released. There is a substantial increase in cold lock times in third party programs such as Google Maps, Microsoft Bing, iGo8, Garmin XT, and TomTom applications.
Recommended: It is highly suggested that you have an unlimited data plan when using this program. If you are not connected via WiFi and the program attempts to update it will dial #777 and connect to the Mobile Broadband network to do so. Although the data is very small it will add up over time for those who have a limit on their bandwidth usage.
Download QuickGPS Apps for Windows Mobile

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