Samsung TV Remote Control app for iPhone

Samsung has launched an remote control apps for iPhone, iPod Touchs and iPad in the apple app store. Using this application you can control your television by using Wifi. The best part of this apps is that it is free and you need pay for the apple app store.
Using this apps, you can control your television from the comfort of your media player. It allows basic remote control functions by connecting to the onscreen controls or operating it via gestures to change the volume/channel with the help of accelerometer after touching the screen. You can also use it as a keyboard or even to play games when using internet television.
Samsung application has the following requirements:
  1. It mostly works in televisions with Internet tv from 2010.Some tv’s of 2009 also have this function.
  2. Your tv must have wifi or you have to purchase an wifi dongle from samsung.
Download Samsung TV Remote Control

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