4 Elements Puzzledom for Java Mobile Games

4 Elements Puzzledom is the stunning mobile adaption of the game Gamezebo called, "an engaging, enchanted experience" that will "cast its spell over all who enter its world." Embark on this amazing journey to restore light to the Puzzledom before this magical world of puzzle fun is lost forever.
In a faraway land, where magic once ruled, four altars dedicated to the elements of earth, air, fire, and water have been destroyed, unleashing a powerful, dark force. Solve a captivating assortment of puzzles to collect four ancient books of magic, restore the altars, and release the elemental powers. Remove matching groups of vibrant game pieces and guide the elements back to the altars. Drive away the darkness, search locations for hidden objects, and try challenging spot-the-difference levels. Puzzle games have never been this rich!

Download 4 Elements Puzzledom for Java Mobile Games

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