WebWorks BlackBerry SDK for Tablet Playbook

Research In Motion continues to remain faithful to its mission to support the app developers, today they have released the latest beta version for BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for OS Tablet Playbook.
Applications WebWorks is a web app written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, this application can be installed, working, and have security features similar to traditional app for BlackBerry Playbook. Update to SDK has many architectural changes, so that developers will have to recompile their WebWorks application in order to run their latest OS tablet device simulator Playbook.
  • Code signing is enabled. You now can secure your application using the BlackBerry code signing process for the BlackBerry Tablet OS.
  • AJAX support to the local context. Fix This increases the quality of support for using AJAX to retrieve local resources. One benefit of this fix include increasing support for the tablet BlackBerry Playbook for JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery.
  • Loading screen image. Developers can define a loading screen and transition effects on their config.xml file to improve the user experience during startup application.
  • Improvements in supporting the Mac. Now supports files arsipZIP; _MACOSX folders are no longer included in the BAR file; Format bbwp command line arguments changed from "-" to "/"
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