Swype has roll out for the Nokia N8

Swype released for the Nokia N8 Smartphone. The official version of Swype for the Nokia N8 is now available and confirmed this by visiting the Ovi Store on N8. It performed pretty well, but it would lag at times too and I understood it was still in beta so didn’t worry too much about what the final product would be like. I removed the beta version and installed the new official release and so far it is performing wonderfully.
All N8 owners must download and try out the free Swype keyboard. You will be amazed by how accurate and functional it is on your device. It still does not work in portrait orientation and as I have stated before this is due to a required N8 update from Nokia to provide this support.
Here is one cool tip to keep in mind: slide your finger from the Swype icon in the bottom left to the Sym key to reveal some cool controls. After making this gesture you will see the controls as shown in the screenshot above with directional arrows and other controls.

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